© Steve  Spehar PhotoID# 14287905: Tragic Bus Projects and Exhibitions
Documentary projects and exhibitions related to specific themes.

© Steve  Spehar PhotoID# 14301212: The Real Thing Travel and Documentary
Scenes from the road, places and faces from my travels through the Americas and abroad...

© Steve  Spehar PhotoID# 14301176: Dot Dot Dot Icon and Ritual
Galleries inspired by the impulse and color of themes that defy easy meanings, the metaphor of the visual, and the iconic imagery of universal recognition.

© Steve  Spehar PhotoID# 14296792: Alarm File Under Method
Galleries categorized by photographic medium and format, including alternative processes.

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© Steve  Spehar PhotoID# 14301172: Flatiron Building Welcome to the City
Galleries featuring a collection of photos from some of the world's most unique cities.

© Steve  Spehar PhotoID# 14301214: Armed with Determination People, Places and Things
Galleries sorted by portraiture, region and subject.

© Steve  Spehar PhotoID# 14301206: Blue Ridge Mountains The Living Planet
The natural glory of Nature and all her miracles.

© Steve  Spehar PhotoID# 14689413: Events and Promotional
These are some of the weddings, headshots, special events and promotional stuff I've worked on.


© Steve Spehar

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